Dutch cities combat economic crisis

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Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam, Brabant and Groningen announced stimulus plans to combat financial crisis.

THE HAGUE—Local and provincial councils in the Netherlands are planning to invest millions of euros to combat the consequences of the economic crisis.

The City of The Hague plans to invest 94 million euros in the local economy and infrastructure projects. Included in the stimulus are plans to install new street lighting and sewerage pipes.

Other cities also have plans to invest in the economy.

Rotterdam expects to present a “total plan” shortly. Earlier in the year Rotterdam came up with a 200 million euro plan to keep the building sector from stagnating. Developers will be given more room to operate so that jobs are preserved.

Utrecht is busy considering its options. According to Minister of Living and Neighborhoods (PvDA, Labour Party) Eberhard van der Laan, Amsterdam has plans in the works to inject 200 million to lift the building sector out of its slump.

Yesterday the province North Brabant also came with a package of initiatives to curb the impact of the credit crisis. A total of 400 million was earmarked toward this end.

The largest percentage of this (250 million) will go into a new housing construction fund to stimulating the housing market. With this money Brabant intends on building 4,000 news homes.

Brabant is also going to invest 75 million in sustainable projects such as the development of electric cars, subsidies for energy efficient homes, schools and business. As a part of the budget, they also intend on saving 7,000 jobs.

The Province of Groningen intends to speed up its road building programme.

Radio Netherlands/NRC Handeslblad/Expatica

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