Dutch cash machines with sticky fingers

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Dutch Criminals have come up with a new trick to play on bank customers withdrawing their money from an ATM. The trick involves fitting an inconspicuous flap on a cash machine to stop the money coming out of the slot.

When the unsuspecting customer walks off thinking the machine is out of order, the criminals come out of hiding and pocket the cash, which has stuck to adhesive tape on the back of the flap.

A spokesperson for the Dutch Banking Association NVB says that so far it has been a matter of incidents. Last week Nijmegen police arrested two people on suspicion of manipulating an ATM using the new technique rick commonly referred to as 'cash trapping’.

The NVB advises customers not to leave when no money comes out of the machine. “Stay near the ATM and call the police or the bank. As long as you are near the ATM, the criminals cannot take your money,” the spokesperson said on Friday.

The introduction of chip technology means that information can no longer be “skimmed” from bank cards. The NVB spokesperson pointed out this latest scam is “less lucrative” for the criminals but “effective nonetheless”.


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