Dutch cabinet toughens naturalisation rules

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Foreigners who wish become Dutch citizens will be required to earn at least a minimum income under a new law the Dutch government proposed on Friday.

They will also need to have two years of vocational training or have sufficient work experience. In addition they will have to surrender their original nationality, whenever that is legally possible.

The proposed legislation will still have to be passed by both houses of parliament.



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  • Lana posted:

    on 7th March 2012, 15:18:31 - Reply

    So, as you see, the minimum salary in 2012 is € 1.446,60 per maand

    Wettelijk minimumloon per 1 januari 2012

    Nieuwsbericht | 09-11-2011

    De brutobedragen van het wettelijk minimumloon en het minimumjeugdloon stijgen 1 januari 2012.

    Het wettelijk brutominimumloon (WML) voor werknemers van 23 jaar en ouder bij een volledig dienstverband wordt per 1 januari 2012:
    • € 1.446,60 per maand
    • € 333,85 per week
    • € 66,77 per dag
  • Mathew posted:

    on 7th March 2012, 12:05:45 - Reply

    giving up my australian citizenship to become part of this shitty country?.. i think i'll just move back to australia..the weather is shit in NL anyway
  • Cat posted:

    on 7th March 2012, 11:31:37 - Reply

    I'd be interested in reading the full proposal to know exactly the minimum salary requirement, etc. I'll soon be in that process and as a Canadian citizen this is something I will go through with if and only if I can keep my Canadian citizenship as I am registered with a Dutch citizen. If that exception changes then I will forget about applying for my Dutch citizenship. This article sparked my interest but is very uninformative, would you care in elaborating Expatica? Please!