Dutch border police happy with CCTV cameras

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The 1,350 surveillance cameras installed at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport one year ago have proved their usefulness. The border police say footage from surveillance cameras was instrumental in the investigation of no less than 600 crimes. A spokesperson said “We are very satisfied with the cameras, they are a big success.”

The surveillance cameras have been installed at Schiphol Plaza, the airport’s shopping mall, at the check-in desks, the arrival and departure halls and at boarding gates. ,,According to the border police, the latter location has proved particularly useful in checking the origin of asylum seekers, some of whom carry no travel documents and refuse to say where their country of origin. The surveillance cameras at the gates allow the border police to see which flight asylum seekers arrived on. In this way, the border police have been able to discover the nationality of 62 undocumented asylum seekers.

The 600 cases investigated using CCTV camera footage include luggage theft and other cases of petty crime, drug smuggling and people trafficking. The border police say crime levels at the main Dutch international airport are not excessively high, but camera supervision can help bring them down.

Border police staff are monitoring the 1,350 surveillance cameras 24/7. Footage is destroyed after 28 days. Camera supervision will eventually be expanded to cover all of Schiphol airport, requiring a total of 3,500 cameras.  



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  • Michael Kadin posted:

    on 29th March 2011, 14:44:49 - Reply

    Hurray, the Government has been able to catch criminals, question how many have been convicted and how many have been set free.
    And Most Important, at what are the costs, the loss of our civil liberties, right to privacy. And Camaras where else and where does all this lead to?