Dutch banks offer jobless homeowners extra aid

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ING is the first Dutch bank to provide additional mortgage aid to unemployed homeowners looking for a job.

The Netherlands – An increasing number of banks in the Netherlands are offering extra support to homeowners who have lost their job and can no longer meet their monthly mortgage payments.

The move is an attempt to ensure people do not fall far behind with their payments and are eventually forced to sell their houses.

Last week, a newly-introduced measure allowed jobless homeowners to delay part of their interest payments until they find a job.

However, the measure is not enough to help the unemployed homeowners as it does not allocate extra time for them to find a job or sell their house.

In response, the banks now say they are prepared to provide additional aid to more homeowners. Help rendered will be decided on an individual basis.

ING is the first bank to introduce a general ruling to this effect.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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  • AJ posted:

    on 8th July 2009, 11:25:39 - Reply

    Well as the reason we are in this mess is largely due to the banking system and the banks, and the banks are funded and supported with OUR tax payers money, I would have thought that this is the LEAST that they can do! After all, as a tax payer, dont we own a percentage of the banks????????