Dutch army may lose tanks to budget cuts

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The Netherlands may have an army without tanks. According to current plans from Minister of Defence Hans Hillen, the vehicles must be offloaded of in order to save one billion euros.

Newspaper reported the plans Thursday.  

The Dutch Army currently has about 80 Leopard tanks divided into two battalions. As a result of the current government’s draconian cuts, the ministry says the battalions are no longer operational.

A spokesperson for the Defence Ministry responded to the AD Thursday, saying "everything is being considered" in order to reach the one billion euros in savings. The spokesperson added that no decisions had yet been made.

Minister Hillen has promised to outline the exact measures of the department's budget cuts, whereby a versatile, deployable armed forces will be maintained.


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  • Kees posted:

    on 18th March 2011, 17:58:56 - Reply

    Of course we can always rely on our allies to defend us, can’t we?
    Never mind that they will carry the burden.
    O, I forgot Srebrenica. Never mind.
  • JR Bailey posted:

    on 17th March 2011, 23:53:12 - Reply

    Just exactly against WHOM are the Dutch intending to use the 80 Leopards?

    Against the Germans?
    Against the nearly non-existent Belgians?
    Against the French?
    Against themselves?

    It's time for the Dutch to sell the Leopards to the Germans and actually MAKE money on the heavy armour.