Dutch are most pro public smoking Europeans

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More than half of the Dutch population surveyed oppose to banning smoking in bars and cafes, reveals a European Commission research.

THE NETHERLANDS – About 52 percent of the Dutch population surveyed oppose to banning smoking in bars and cafes, making the Netherlands the most pro public smoking European country, according to research conducted by the European Commission.

De Volkskrant reports that 10 percent in Italy and 15 percent in Sweden oppose the ban.

About 32 percent of the Dutch population "absolutely" opposed the ban.

The research also showed that 66 percent of the Dutch population support a ban on smoking in restaurants.

A main reason for the Dutch’s pro-public smoking attitude may be that they are aware of how the smoking ban – implemented since July 2008 - has affected the businesses of many pubs and restaurants, said Lies van Gennep of the Dutch anti-smoking foundation Stivoro.

The media focus on the economic impact of the smoking ban may have overshadowed the importance of smoke-free public places.

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  • waalstraat posted:

    on 26th March 2009, 11:03:41 - Reply

    It is not the smoking ban that has effected bars and cafe's businesses it is the economy and the prices dummies. Just because the smoking ban is correlated wih the drop in business does not make it a cause. Middle class saleries are not growing as fast as fast or steep as cafe prieces which almost doubled with the introduction of the Euro...and benzine prices rocketed while the smoking ban took effect...C'mon lobbyist stop skewing statistics...