Dutch Somalians erect tent camp

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A tent camp erected by Somalians in protest against Dutch asylum policies keeps expanding. Twenty-five men and women have now set up their tents outside the gates of the Ter Apel deportation centre.

The Somalians are failed asylum seekers who argue they cannot return to their country of origin. “This means they have to live on the streets”, says Margreet Jenezon from STIL, an organisation which provides assistance to failed asylum seekers.

She argues more Somalians are en route to Ter Apel. “More and more people keep arriving. We are worried about that. We don’t have enough tents.”

The Somalians have rejected an offer by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service IND to put them up for one week. They want a structural solution Jenezon says, “ They are living on the streets, so one week is of no use to them.”

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  • Homer Jones posted:

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    They are people njot animals so the Dutch don't care.