Dutch Remembrance and Liberation Day badges handed out

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The Dutch National 4 and 5 May Committee is distributing badges to politicians and to symbolise the annual Remembrance and Liberation Days.

The badge is in the form of a torch, the committee's logo. The first badges were handed out at the launch of this year's campaign entitled Stop and Think about Freedom.

At least 100,000 badges will be distributed to companies and the public throughout the Netherlands and will cost 1 euro.

Parliamentary speaker Gerdi Verbeet launched the initiative on Thursday by giving a badge to a number of parliamentary staff members. Politicians and civil servants will be expected to wear the badge in public in the next few weeks leading up to the annual Remembrance Day and Liberation Day on 4 and 5 May.

On 5 May it will be 66 years since the Netherlands was liberated from German occupation during World War II. This year, the committee wants people to realise what it means to be able to live in freedom.

Ms Verbeet explained the symbolism behind the torch, "Fire is like freedom, as long as it is present it gives us light, but if you do not look after it, it goes out."

On 4 May, the National Remembrance Ceremony will be held on Dam Square, there will also be local ceremonies in towns and cities across the country. On 5 May, 14 Liberation Festivals will be held in various cities.


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