Dutch PM rejects calls for new elections

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Prime Minister Mark Rutte has dismissed calls from opposition parties for new Dutch elections. “It would be extraordinarily irresponsible to think about new elections just now,” he told reporters.

The latest development comes in response to the resignation of MP Hero Brinkman from Geert Wilders’ populist PVV Freedom Party. He will become an independent MP.

The PVV supports the minority right-wing coalition from parliament on most issues, giving the government up to now a majority of just two. On certain other issues, the government is forced to seek the backing of opposition parties.

With Mr Brinkman’s departure, the conservative VVD – Christian Democrat coalition, plus the PVV, can muster the backing of just 75 MPs, half of the 150 members of the Dutch parliament.

Mr Brinkman, however, has said he will continue to back the government. As far as Prime Minister Rutte is concerned this means it’s business as usual for his minority government. “In political terms, there’s no problem,” he said. However, he does concede that it’s logical for the coalition to hold talks on the current political situation.

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  • PapaJay posted:

    on 21st March 2012, 03:14:38 - Reply

    Really! Put your mouth Rutte where your money is and call fresh elections! Your hold on power is tenuous at best considering you have but 1 seat left! That is NOT a mandate and clearly shows how fractured and impotent your coalition is!
  • sameoldsameold posted:

    on 20th March 2012, 23:52:57 - Reply

    Extraordinarily irresponsible since his behind would no longer be PM. His pitiful coalition has done nothing since it took power except whine and blame everything on foreigners, as if they were responsible for the country's abysmal economic performance and a complete lack of brainpower among the country's policymakers.