Dutch PM in legal action against magazine

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Balkenende is beginning legal proceedings against the weekly magazine Opinio for quoting him as calling Islam ‘a problem’.

4 April 2008

THE NETHERLAND - Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende is beginning legal proceedings against the weekly magazine Opinio.

He is demanding that the magazine rectify an article about a speech in which he supposedly called Islam "a problem". Balkenende denies that such a speech was ever made.

Opinio reports that Balkenende met prominent members of the Christian Democrat party on Sunday and told them: "It is not radical Islam or Islamist terrorism or fundamentalism in general - no, I say that that big problem is Islam itself."

Christian Democrat sources deny that any such meeting took place.
Balkenende himself says that he was with his family on that day. He has accused Opinio of irresponsibility, particularly with regard to a subject such as this.

Opinio, which calls itself a left wing-conservative magazine, thinks that the prime minister has over-reacted and says that it is highly likely that these are his real opinions.

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  • quratul-ain posted:

    on 12th April 2008, 22:50:22 - Reply

    John,you are right.It is very wrong of most muslim countries to treat their minorities badly.But it does not serve the purpose to caricature the Prophet(Peace be upon him)or to make movies like Fitna.There is a verse from the Quran I would like to share with you.It reveals the place it gives to other religions.
    "Lo! those who believe in that which is revealed unto thee,(Muhammed),and those who are Jews, and Christians,and Sabeans---whoever believeth in Allah and the Last Day and doth right---surely their reward is with their Lord, and there shall no fear come upon them neither shall they grieve.
  • John posted:

    on 6th April 2008, 19:03:05 - Reply

    It saddens me the way Islam treats non-Muslims in Islamic Countries. At least here in the West Muslims are free to build mosques. In most Muslim countries building of churches or temples are prohibited and people are often forced to convert to Islam. Just look at the so called moderate Eygpts treatment of the Coptic Christians - forced to live amongst the refuse of Cairo and forbidden from building churches(they have been forced to escavate a pit into which they preform their religious duties) or about the numerous kidnapping of non-Muslim women and forced marriage to Muslim men. Muslims must realize that they are in the West and are lucky to have the freedom to worship which is often denied to other faiths in Muslim countries. This kind of attitude really irritates me about Islam and Muslims.
  • quratul-ain posted:

    on 5th April 2008, 21:15:15 - Reply

    It saddens me to see Islam denigrated in Europe repeatedly.It doesnt take anything away fom Islam but only shows the European mindset.It is worth someone's while to create controversies in the Dutch media.Maybe the Dutch are desperate to express their hate for the Muslim community living with them.The Dutch surely are contributing to terrorism by making a documentary like 'fitna'.