Dutch-Moroccan troublemakers face area ban

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Putting an end to trouble caused by unruly Dutch-Moroccan children and teenagers will take at least another generation, the mayor of the city of Gouda said on Wednesday.

The council of the city near Rotterdam was discussing the unrest caused by a persistent group of troublemakers. The main problem, according to Mayor Wim Cornelis is that the parents of misbehaving youngsters are failing completely to discipline their children. The youths aged between 8 and 15 are roaming the streets and terrorising local residents in new neighbourhoods like Gouda's Oosterwei.

School kids attacked The latest incident involved a schoolchildren's street party on Saturday, which was disrupted by a number of young Dutch-Moroccan hooligans. They stole flower bulbs intended for a planting ceremony and pelted the children with them. Last year the town suspended bus services through parts of the city after drivers and passengers were harrassed.

Gouda mayor Wim Cornelis told councillors that over the past years a number of measures had been introduced to stem the problem, ranging from the appointment of street coaches and family counsellors to setting up neighbourhood watch projects and a safe house. Although figures show that the measures have increased public security, they failed to improve the situation in general.

Street bans The trouble will not be over after the recent incidents, Mayor Cornelis warned. The Gouda council is setting its hopes on new street banning orders announced by Security and Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten. "But it is not certain that such bans could be brought in against under-12s," the mayor said.

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  • Steve posted:

    on 17th November 2010, 18:14:05 - Reply

    My Arab friend told me that the Moroccans in Holland are mainly Berbers, the old Roman word for barbarians, from outside the cities of Morocco. They are not civilised city people like the Arabs in Morocco, and don't know Arabic.
    These uncivilised country people have no respect for their hosts.
    The hosts have no respect for Moroccans either, so the situation is self perpetuating.

  • woodz posted:

    on 11th November 2010, 14:33:54 - Reply

    I know a measure that'd work permanently - take away their Dutch nationality and send them all to Casablanca.