Dutch MPs question new Moroccan citizenship rule

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Political parties say Dutch officials should not register children born to Moroccan mother as Moroccan citizens without seeking the parents’ consent.

THE HAGUE – Dutch MPs have called for government clarification concerning a new Moroccan law which grants Moroccan citizenship automatically to children who have a Moroccan mother and Dutch father.

The matter came to light on Monday, following an appeal by a Dutch father in the southern city of Tilburg who found out that his teenage daughter was now listed in the municipal register as having Moroccan citizenship without his consent.

When questioned, local government officials explained the move was a response to the new Moroccan legislation which will see all children born to Moroccan mothers become Moroccan citizens.

Previously, only Moroccan fathers would automatically pass on their nationality to their children.

The opposition conservative VVD says it is unacceptable that Dutch officials should actively cooperate in implementing the new Moroccan rules. The ruling Christian Democrats and Labour Party as well as the opposition Socialist Party, Freedom Party and Green Left have also called for an explanation.

Dual nationality is not usually permitted in the Netherlands, but Moroccan citizens are among those exempted from this rule, as Morocco does not allow for its citizens to renounce their Moroccan nationality.

Parties on the right have repeatedly objected to the right to hold dual nationality, claiming it results in conflicting loyalties.

Meanwhile, De Telegraaf reports that a couple from Amsterdam are furious that their newborn baby has been given Turkish nationality by city civil servants against their wishes.

The child is entitled to be Turkish mayionality as his maternal grandfather is Turkish.

However, his parents do not want their son to be a Turkish citizen as he will have to undergo military service with the Turkish army.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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