Dutch MPs: helping illegal immigrants not a crime

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A majority of Dutch MPs think people who help illegal immigrants should not be prosecuted. The stance clashes with tough new government immigration policy.

The coalition agreement between the Christian Democrats CDA and VVD sets out to make illegal residence in the Netherlands punishable by law. But this would make anyone who helps illegal immigrants an accessory to a crime. Churches, doctors and social workers providing care or support to immigrants without proper documentation could then be liable to prosecution.

CDA MP Raymond Knops joined leftwing opposition parties in calling for a rethink. He urged Immigration Minister and fellow Christian Democrat Gerd Leers to guarantee that people who give humanitarian assistance to illegal immigrants will not end up in court.

The tough stance on immigration in the coalition agreement was a condition for the government to secure the backing of the far-right Freedom Party. The minority CDA-VVD coalition depends on the support of Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam Freedom Party in parliament.


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  • JR Bailey posted:

    on 2nd December 2010, 08:24:15 - Reply

    I wrote this about Illegal Aliens in America, but it applies to those in Holland too!

    I'll say this again so that you and those holding to the Open Borders view can perhaps take a moment to try and understand the concept:

    "Illegal" is NOT a race.

    Those of us (the majority of Americans by the way) who are opposed to Open Borders and for supporting Legal Immigration Law processes don't care what color skin an Illegal Alien has; we just want them arrested and deported.

    It is unethical and immoral to expect those Foreign Nationals currently involved in the Legal Immigration Process from all over the world, to be FORCED to the 'Back of the Line' simply because they don't live in a country contiguous to the USA and therefore cannot illegally enter the country.

    Further, why is it that Open Borders proponents continue addressing the issue of Forced Prostitution and Slavery of Illegal Aliens in the USA:


    Girls as young as 11 or 12 are forced into prostitution by the Drug Cartels and sold from one Illegal Alien pimp to another for as little as $130. Where is the heart felt concern for the horrific plight of these girls and young women from SP Open Borders folks?

    Even Border Patrol Law Enforcement personnel are being abandoned by the Obama Administration and left vulnerable to attack from the Mexican Military. Further, since the Mexican Military has no compunction about invading the USA and firing upon US LEO personnel, they also have zero hinderance at also firing at US Civilians.

    When Mexican Military Forces repeatedly invade the USA, actually bringing fire to bear upon Border Patrol Law Enforcement personnel, why is there no outcry for the Obama Administration to protect it's own law enforcement personnel from being murdered by the Mexican Military:



    My point is this: when will SP's finally come clean that this issue has NOTHING with which to do concerning 'racism' and understand that it has EVERYTHING to do with the Rule of Law and US Soverignty?