Dutch Lower House wants to compensate wounded veterans

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Defense Minister Hans Hillen has said there are inufficient resources to fund the indemnity of a large group of veterans who incurred physical or phychological injuries serving on international missions. Many who were involved in military operations in Bosnia, Lebanon, Korea, Cambodia and New/ Guinea are now unable to get the compensation they need.

A special regulation was established in June after mediation by the National Ombudsman to ensure that over a thousand soldiers who served since 1st July 2007 would be properly compensated. However nothing more was done, leading to indignation from the trade unions and the Labour party.

Labour party Member of Parliament Angelien Eijsink has already said that she does not want to obtain the money from the tight defence budget, but rather from general resources. She called the issue an "honorary debt" of the government and the Lower House that must be settled as quickly as possible - an opinion shared by MPs on both sides of the House.

Hillen said Monday that he is drawing up a new proposal which will begin to remedy the situation. Eijsink was happy with the initiative, but urged him to ensure that the compensation for older veterans be regulated first.





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