Dutch Labour party wants modern monarch

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The Dutch Labour Party PvdA wants to modernise the Dutch monarchy in the future. The party no longer wants Dutch kings or queens to head the country's highest advisory organ the Council of State or to interfere with the formation of the cabinet coalition.

Under the Labour plans, the prime minister would no longer be required to ask permission from the monarch to dissolve the government in times of a cabinet or ministerial crisis. In future, it would be parliament which would appoint someone to help form the government and dissolve the cabinet if necessary.

The party also wants to drastically reduce the number of people who are members of the Royal House to just the monarch, his or her predecessor and his or her successor and their spouses. This would mean only six members of the family would receive an income from the treasury. At the moment, many members of the extended family are still members of the Royal House.

Royal role The party has published its plans on its website. The social-democrats believe it is the right time to do so as it is generally believed that the succession of Queen Beatrix by crown Prince Willem Alexander cannot be long off. In addition, the role of the Royal Family has been discussed more and more in recent years and the institution itself has sought publicity too.

Although the party states that there are bigger problems to be solved in the Netherlands than the role of the Royal Family and most constitutional monarchies are well run. Nevertheless, the party comments that no one would install such an institution in this day and age, not even the Royal Family itself.

Republican The plans have been drawn up by a working group, but their recommendations are likely to be adopted by the parliamentary party. The plans are designed to guarantee that there the Netherlands is not headed by a political monarch.The Labour Party says it is republican, but it recognises the historical role of the monarch in the Netherlands.

The issue of modernising the monarchy has been raised in parliament before, but so far Prime Minister Mark Rutte has not appeared keen on the idea.  

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  • RadicalRoyalist posted:

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    The PvdA is just following Geert Wilders ideas. It is strange that anyone on the left could join hands with the PVV. The PvdA would be well advised to leave the Monarchy as it is - aand as 80 percent of the Dutch want it.