Dutch Labour party ditches neo-liberalism

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The Dutch Labour party PvdA says it wants to return to traditional social-democratic values, and end its neo-liberal Third Way adventure. In an interview on Thursday with Dutch daily , party leader Job Cohen and chairman Hans Spekman claimed that the current crisis calls for long-term solutions where employees' interests are central.

Mr Spekman said,

The Labour leaders point out that investors and professional managers are disconnected from the factories, housing corporations and hospitals they are running. Mr Spekman:

Labour is currently the second largest party in the Lower House, but negotiations to join a coalition government proved fruitless, causing the party to end up in opposition. Its position is threatened by the more radical Socialist Party, which is the third largest in parliament and overtook Labour in recent opinion polls.

In 1995, then-Labour leader Wim Kok cast off his party's social-democratic 'ideological plumage' and formed a market-oriented government with two liberal parties.

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