Dutch Food Safety Authority investigation shows no links to German dioxin affair

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A Dutch Food Safety Authority investigation of a Dutch company suspected of playing a role in the German dioxin scandal has revealed no incriminatory evidence. 

The name of the firm has not been released as the investigation was carried out purely as a precaution.

Last week, carcinogenic dioxins were found in eggs and poultry in Germany. On Monday, around 1000 farms in the state of Niedersachsen which may have used contaminated feed were closed.

In other parts of Germany, poultry and pig farms have been closed as a precaution.

The German feed producer Harles & Jentzsch, which supplied the contaminated feed, points the finger to biodiesel producer Petrotec.

Petrotec dismisses the accusations. It says it supplied raw materials to the feed company, but stressed that the material was only to be used for technical purposes and not as an ingredient for animal feed.


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