Dutch Christian party quizzed about gay members

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Gay rights organisation COC wants a debate with the Christian Union about the position of homosexuals within the party.

This follows a newspaper interview with CU member Monique Hager. She resigned as leader of the local party in the Wageningen town council in 2007 because of her relationship with a woman. She says she has tried to get selected as a candidate since then without any success.

COC chair Vera Bergkamp says Hager felt excluded from the party because of her sexual orientation and wants the Christian Union to clarify its position.

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  • Atheist posted:

    on 26th September 2011, 15:24:07 - Reply

    Perhaps not ! Perhaps it was an excuse for the Christian Unie citing "lack of quality" on the job which is a much more convienient to state than saying " You are lesbian/gay, so you are damned" . Give me break ! Everyone knows the default socially conservative attitude of CUers where orthodox believers donot even vaccinate their kids and introduces '"Creation" as a scientific proof through backdoor entries ! Give me break from your hidden agenda's ! Yes, the COC has valid reasons to make it an issue.
  • Highlander posted:

    on 26th September 2011, 11:19:36 - Reply

    Perhaps, it was not about her lesbian relationship, but, instead, she lacked the quality's for the job? So, the COC will make an issue out of this all the same.