Dutch Catholic school can ban headscarves

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A Dutch court on Monday ruled that the Don Bosco College in Volendam, a town north of Amsterdam, can refuse to allow its students to wear Islamic headscarves. A 15-year-old school student Imane Mahssan had brought the test case.

The Judge said a ban on headscarves fitted in with the Roman Catholic character of the school which also disallows symbols of other non-Catholic religions. The court found that the headscarves ban did not limit freedom of expression and that the school was not discriminating on religious grounds.


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  • freepdeez posted:

    on 5th April 2011, 11:17:47 - Reply

    Don't they have anything better to do in Volendam than to pick on the three or so muslims who actually live there?
  • Zara posted:

    on 4th April 2011, 18:33:06 - Reply

    How disgusting that the Catholics do not know their own faith, because they kind of dilute and make it up as they go - otherwise they would know that head covering was an early part of THEIR faith not just the Islamic faith!!!

    What is the matter with people - have they no education, sense of preserving their individual traditions or will people persist in blurring what originated in their faiths ???

    Shame on the Roman Catholic School for not knowing the basics of the faith they allegedly represent