Dutch Cartoonist Nekschot quits

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Cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot’ has announced via his publisher that he will stop publishing his drawings.

A spokesperson for the Xtra publishing house denied media reports alleging that Nekschot had been forced to quit because his publisher no longer thought his cartoons worth their while. The spokesperson could not say what the real reason was.

In 2008 Nekschot was briefly detained after the publication of a number of controversial cartoons. He was arrested because his work was deemed racist and insulting to Muslims. His detention caused an outcry and the Public Prosecutor’s Office decided not to prosecute him.

Nekschot also published his work on the internet, but says he will stop as of January. Many people regarded his extreme jokes and style as over the top but others greatly admired his cartoons as incisive. Film maker Theo van Gogh - who was assassinated in 2004 - was among his admirers and allowed Nekschot to publish his cartoons on his website.

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