Dont expect Beatrix to abdicate soon

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Rein Jan Hoekstra, who retired from the Council of State earlier this week, does not expect Queen Beatrix will retire any time soon. “I don’t think she will abdicate”, added Mr Hoekstra, who is considered a close acquaintance of the royal family. 

Asked whether the monarch would abdicate, Mr Hoekstra said: “She might. But it could also happen in a natural way. It could take a while.” Queen Beatrix, who presides over the Council of State, the government’s highest advisory and legal body, has now reigned for 31 years.

“The Netherlands is somewhat different. Denmark, Norway and Britain are true monarchies. There one never quits. In Holland, William III died in his boots, and Wilhelmina lasted 50 years, Juliana 32 and Beatrix has now occupied the throne for 31 years. As long as the Crown Prince’s children are so little, I’d say: just wait a while.”

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