Details of new retirement age plan unveiled

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Unsurprisingly, the government’s plans have been heavily criticised by the opposition and trade unions.

The Hague – The coalition parties have finally reached a deal on raising the retirement age to 67.

People aged 55 and over on 1 January will be able to draw a state pension when they are 65. In 2020 the retirement age will rise to 66, and in 2025 to 67. Not only will the state pension age rise, but employers with company pensions will also have to contribute for an extra two years.

The government states that people who started working when they are younger and have worked for 42 years would still be able to stop working when they are 65.

Employers of people in physically strenuous jobs will be obliged to give them lighter work after 30 years. If they don’t, the employer will be liable to pay a premium that will enable the employee to draw a pension at 65.

The government’s plans have been heavily criticised by the opposition and trade unions.
The trade union federation FNV describes the plans as a “bleak cutback” while the FNV leader Agnes Jongerius said the plan was about money and not people.

The Socialist Party described it as “pension robbery”. Green Left leader criticised the complexity and sustainability of the proposal, describing it as having “the shelf-life of a fresh herring”.

There opposition conservative VVD also slated the government’s solution. “Too little, too late, too complicated,” said VVD MP Stef Blok.

Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders’ said the government “ought to be ashamed”.

Netherlands’ pension systems ranked first
A report released on Friday comparing pension systems around the world ranks the Netherlands in first place.

The Melbourne Mercer Pensions Index, a collaboration between consultancy Mercer and the Melbourne Centre for Financial Studies, analysed the pension systems in 11 countries, ranging from China to Sweden.

The study gives the Dutch pension system the highest ranking, but not A-grade status. The report’s recommendations for improvement include “an increase in the state pension age to reflect increasing life expectancy”.

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