Demonstration against public transport cuts

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Hundreds of bus and tram drivers, conductors and other public transport staff have gathered in front of Amsterdam’s Central Station to protest against cuts in public transport in Amsterdam GVB and Rotterdam RET.

The strike organised by the unions is being supported other organisations such as the Dutch Friends of the Earth Milieudenfensie because of the impact of the cuts on the environment. The environmental activists are sawing a bus in two to demonstrate the effect of a 40 percent cut.

Protesters are carrying placards with slogans such as “Rutte is putting public transport users in the cold” and “Say no to the PVV, because they are pawning the RET”. PVV refers to the Freedom Party who were against the liberalisation of public transport in their manifesto, but support the measures at local government level.

Public transport workers in The Hague HTM are holding their own smaller demonstration in The Hague.

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