D66: scrap separate status for faith-based schools

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The democrat party D66 wants to abolish the special legal status of faith-based schools in the Netherlands.

D66 MP Boris van der Ham says that the freedom of education guaranteed under the Dutch constitution has been stretched and is being used to cover up abuse. A spokesperson for D66 has confirmed Mr Van der Ham’s statements and said the party wants to modernise education laws.

The MP mentioned the right of faith-based schools to refuse to appoint unmarried or homosexual teachers and the right to refuse students who don’t have the right religion. And faith-based schools do not fall under the immediate responsibility of the local council, making it easier for failing school boards to stay on. The D66 MP said it was unacceptable that: “Failing school boards, like the one that was in charge of the Islamic College in Amsterdam, are allowed to found a new school the next day.”


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  • HTD posted:

    on 21st June 2011, 11:48:59 - Reply

    Bravo D66!
    Schools are the best place for children to learn to get along with others from different cultural backgrounds and religions, especially when English is commonly used in the school curriculum. English is the most culturally and religiously neutral language in the world today. When both native Dutch and foreign born students must both work with a non-native tongue language, it levels the playing field for fairer communications and respect among all students concerned.
    The Dutch taxpayer should not be required to financially support faith based schools whether Muslim, Catholic, or Protestant, especially in schools where the school's director and top staff must be hired demanding adherence to the school's preferred religion. Dat is niet conform onsere Grondwet.
    Weg met de special school status!