Crime victims should have a say in sentencing, says minister

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The victims of crimes should be able to speak in court about the sentence they think the perpetrator should be given, junior justice minister Fred Teeven says in a parliamentary briefing on Friday.

The Telegraaf quotes the minister as saying legislation to make this possible will be sent to parliament later this year. 'If victims are not heard, it can have a terrible impact on them,' Teeven said.

The measure is one of a package of proposals aimed at improving the position of victims. Teeven also wants their privacy to be better shielded in court. This would involve limits on how often their full name should be given.

In addition, he says the parents of young victims should be able to claim damages and backs the introduction of a 'victim tax'. This would require all convicted criminals to pay €50 into a special fund for victims, website quotes the Telegraaf as saying.


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  • carrico posted:

    on 22nd February 2013, 16:42:05 - Reply

    Yes, the victim must be heard--but not exploited, for example, by the press to sell newspapers. A very delicate subject, I believe.