Court to investigate healing medium

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The medium told cancer-stricken actress Sylvia Millecam that she was fine and kept her away from traditional treatments.

10 April 2008

THE NETHERLANDS - Today's de Volkskrant reports that an Amsterdam court has ordered the Public Prosecutor's Office to instigate proceedings against the 'healing medium' Jomanda and two alternative doctors who treated actress Sylvia Millecam.

The actress, who refused chemotherapy and was sceptical of traditional medicine, died of breast cancer in 2001. The court's ruling was the result of a complaint filed by the Dutch Association against Quackery.

Earlier, the Public Prosecutors’ office decided not to prosecute the three, arguing that Millecam’s right to self-determination allowed her to make her own choices. The medium Jomanda told Sylvia Millecam there was nothing wrong with her and kept her away from traditional cancer treatments.

However, the court ruled that medical advice must always be sound.

The court added that patients faced with life-threatening diseases are especially vulnerable to reassurances that there is actually nothing wrong with them. "In these vulnerable situations, free choice is out of the question".

[Radio Netherlands / Georg Schreuder Hes / Expatica]

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