Court reinstates work permits Romanians

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Romanians who had been refused a permit to work at fruit and vegetable farms will for the time being be allowed to continue working there, a court in The Hague has ruled.

Their request for work permits had previously been rejected. Pending a decision on objections lodged by farmers from the southern province of Brabant, the seasonal workers will be allowed to continue working for their current employers.

Employment Minister Henk Kamp, of the conservative VVD party, has indicated he wants to reduce the number of work permits issued to a minimum. Such work should be performed, Mr Kamp argues, by Dutch nationals receiving unemployment benefits, or citizens from other EU countries, such as Polish people, who are allowed to work here without a permit.

The minister, a spokesperson said, is convinced that the body responsible for issuing benefits, the UWV, will be able to prove in court that there are sufficient people able to do the work without a permit. "This is unskilled work. It would be strange if no one else except these Romanians could be found in all of the European Union to do this work."

The judge, however, says his ruling is almost certain to stand during the appeals procedure, because the UWV has failed to prove that there is a sufficient supply of workers from the Netherlands and other EU countries.

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