Counter-orders for JSF plane taking off in Holland

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Dutch industry group Nifarp is reporting that several companies have acquired contracts to supply parts for US-built JSF fighter planes.

A spokesperson for the group said on Monday that the US plane makers LockheedMartin, Northrop Grumman and Pratt & Whitney will be signing contracts with four Dutch producers, including Stork and Fokker. The signing ceremony on Thursday will be addressed by Defence Minister Hans Hillen.

The contracts include both short-term deliveries and long-term strategic co-operation.

Dutch politicians are hesitant to commit themselves to the JSF, citing technological advances and changing insights into warfare. Worries are also expressed over the sound pollution caused by the powerful craft - a significant factor in the densely populated Netherlands where army air bases are never far removed from settled areas. So far, the Dutch government has committed itself to purchasing a single test plane.

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