Councillor shuts down committee for ex-Muslims

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Politician Ehsan Jami says people are scared to join the organisation because of threats from Muslims.

17 April 2008

THE NETHERLANDS - Dutch politician Ehsan Jami is closing down his Central Committee for Ex-Muslims. He claims people are scared to join the organisation because of threats from Muslims.

Jami sits on the municipal council in Voorburg, formerly for the Labour Party, now as an independent. He presented plans for a committee for former Muslims last year. He was subsequently assaulted in the street and was provided with police protection.

Jami was planning to make a cartoon animation on the Prophet Muhammad, which was to feature explicit sexual scenes, but recently agreed to give up the idea in response to an appeal from Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin.

Jami is currently holding discussions with a political party on the possibility of his standing for a seat in parliament in the next election. However, he is not prepared to reveal which political party is involved.

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  • Toasty posted:

    on 20th April 2008, 16:24:22 - Reply

    I'm very disappointed to hear that Jami has decided not to publish this cartoon. Not for the sake of us infidels who have been pouring over islam's disjointed books, but for the ignorant Mohammadans who need a reality check every 13 seconds. If they feel allah's mandate to rule this planet, they should know that we're looking into every little filthy chink in Mohammad's tissue paper armor. Mohammad was a pedophile rapist; his *allah* is an impotent weenie who needs to be defended by a herd of ignorant thralls.
  • john doe posted:

    on 17th April 2008, 19:30:40 - Reply

    That's a real shame on two counts. Furst, the cartoon would have been very welcome...Muslims definitely need a reality sandwich concerning Mohammed's pedophilic relationship with hiw wife Aisha, bethrothed when she was 6 and raped when she was 9. And this cannot be's in the primary Islamic texts. Secondly, apostasy is punishable by death in Islam and an association of ex-Muslims would have been a boon for these poor people living in mortal fear. It's time to expose this barbaric law in a so-called religion that offers absolutely no freedom of conscience.