Controversial photos to be shown in Gouda

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MuseumgoudA will display controversial photos from Iranian artist Sooreh Hera.

6 December 2007

GOUDA - MuseumgoudA is going to display the controversial photographs from Iranian artist Sooreh Hera. The Gouda museum has been in talks with the artist for the past few days, and a positive outcome has been reached, museum director Ranti Tjan said on Thursday.

The project 'Adam and Ewald' from Hera made the news when the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague refused to exhibit a number of photographs.

"Certain groups in society would experience these as insulting," the museum said. The photos show homosexual Muslim men wearing masks of the prophet Mohammed and his son-in-law Ali.

When the exhibit in Gouda will take place has not been announced. "That depends on the schedule, we are going to take the time to make sound agreements," Tjan said.

The museum says it will not be dissuaded by the negative reactions the works have provoked from Muslim organisations. The director says these responses have mainly been highlighted in the media and that the museum has received very few negative reactions.

"I've mainly received positive emails about the initiative to show Hera's work."

Tjan said he is pleased that various media have urged that the pieces be shown. "The freedom of expression is a great good," he said.

He said this freedom would be in danger if Hera's photographs were not shown for religious or political reasons.

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