Connexxion changes route after attacks on buses

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Buses serving routes 5 and 43 will avoid the IJssellaan and surrounding areas, following violent attacks on the vehicles.

16 October 2008

ARNHEM -- The Connexxion bus company will change two of its routes in Arnhem following a number of violent incidents. Routes 5 and 43 will now temporarily avoid the IJssellaan and surrounding areas.

The decision comes after buses travelling along both routes came under attack. In several cases, windows were broken.

A Connexxion representative says a shot may even have been fired at one of its vehicles. The company says the safety of its drivers and passengers is at stake.

On Thursday, Connexxion will meet with the Arnhem police and council to discuss a solution to the problem.

[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]

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  • james posted:

    on 17th October 2008, 14:02:13 - Reply

    And who is doing the attacking? It is highly irresponsible of the authorities and the media to not name the evil perpetrators. So allow me, you pathetic quislings. They are Islamic supremacists....Morrocans who hate Holland and do not want to integrate. So what are you going to do? Buy them some chips? Say 'please be nice to us'? They should all be deported back to the totalitarian cesspit they come from.