Connections between crime world killings

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Prosecutors believe the same individuals were behind the murders of Endstra and Mieremet.

11 December 2007

AMSTERDAM – 23-year-old A.N., suspected of involvement in the murder of Amsterdam real estate magnate Willem Endstra, may also have been involved in the killing of crime boss John Mieremet, who was shot in Thailand on 2 November 2005.

N. was in Thailand at the time of the murder, for just 42 hours, public prosecutor Michiel van IJzendoorn said on Tuesday during a pro forma hearing in the Endstra murder case. "That is conspicuous for a man who was 21 at the time," the prosecutor said. The investigation into Mieremet's murder was recently taken over by the team investigating Endstra's killing, because of the common elements in the two cases.

Willem Holleeder and his alleged crime partner Dino S. are thought to have given the order for Mieremet's murder.

Mieremet allegedly said in September 2003 that "Turks and Moroccans" were out to get him, the prosecutor said. A.N. is an Alkmaar resident of Turkish descent, as is O.C., a fellow suspect in the Endstra case and a nephew of N.'s.

N. was questioned by police in the Mieremet case but was not charged. Nor have Holleeder or Dino S. been officially named as suspects. Holleeder is currently being tried on charges including the systematic blackmailing of Endstra.

The investigation into the murder of Endstra (shot dead on 17 May 2004 near his office on the Apollolaan in Amsterdam) is still fully underway, Van IJzendoorn said. The prosecutor said the investigation was very complicated, partly because the suspects have refused to talk about the case.

The three suspects – A.N., O.C., and 33-year-old C.D. – have been in custody for a year. Their lawyers want them released for lack of concrete evidence. The prosecution wants them to remain behind bars.

A fourth suspect, arrested in Paramaribo in September, awaits extradition to the Netherlands. Van IJzendoorn claims this 34-year-old man, P.R., is making every effort to remain in Surinam. He allegedly was the link between those ordering the killing and those who carried it out in the Endstra case, and possibly the Mieremet case as well.

David Denneboom, Endstra's business associate, was wounded when Endstra was shot. Justice officials have not been able to contact him. He was expected to be questioned as a witness.

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