Confidence in cabinet much stronger

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The number of voters who expect Mark Rutte’s minority coalition to fall before 2013 has over the past six months dropped from 64 percent to 37 percent .

Among voters for the ruling conservative VVD or Christian Democrat CDA parties, or the Freedom Party, which backs the cabinet in parliament, the figure has dropped from 40 percent to 20 percent.

The weekly opinion poll by Maurice de Hond shows that support for the parliamentary parties has hardly changed.

The PVV gets 27 seats, up from the 24 it has. The VVD remains unchanged, with 32 seats, one more than it has.

The CDA has bottomed out at 13 seats, its lowest support on record, eight fewer than the 21 it has.

The weekly poll is held every Friday and Saturday among at least 2,500 people.

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