Coalition poll at lowest point ever

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In the weekly poll held by Maurice de Hond, the coalition has fallen to 67 seats, the lowest since the cabinet came into office just over a year ago. The Christian Democrats CDA have fallen to a just 10 seats, its lowest point ever.

The latest poll means that if an election were to be held now the Christian Democrats would lose half of the seats it currently holds in parliament. The conservative VVD would also lose 2 seats on last week’s poll going down to 30 seats, which is one less than they actually have in the Lower House.

Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders leader has put the coalition under pressure recently, by calling for 4 billion euros to be scrapped from the development aid budget before more cuts be introduced, ordering a feasibility study on returning to the guilder and by supporting the opposition’s battle against civil servants who refuse to marry same sex couples. The VVD has softened its position on this issue to gain the support of the orthodox Christian SGP party, which the coalition needs for a majority in the Upper House.

U-turn The poll puts the Freedom Party PVV at 27 seats. The same number as last week’s poll and three more than they actually have. The VVD, CDA and PVV currently hold 76 seats in parliament.

Mr De Hond thinks VVD-voters are mainly concerned about their party’s u-turn on civil servants who refuse to marry same sex couples and how the euro crisis is being tackled. Most VVD votes agree that any more cuts should come from the development aid budget.

Opposition parties In the opposition benches, it is the Socialist Party that is faring best in the polls. It has 27 seats in the poll, but only 12 in reality. The Labour Party is the main loser with just 17 seats compared to the the 30 they actually hold in parliament.

D66 is also doing well, with a virtual 18 seats compared to the 10 seats it actually has in parliament. The Christian Union has increased its virtual number of MPs by one which would mean it would win 6 seats if there were an election. Green Left loses one seat bringing the party down to 9 seats.

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