Christmas message angers Wilders

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Queen Beatrix's has angered Freedom Party PVV leader Geert Wilders - again."Good heavens," twittered Wilders, "Is her majesty a secret member of the GreenLeft party?"

The Dutch monarch praised sustainable, environmentally-friendly initiatives in her annual Christmas message and lamented the fact that so many put profit above preserving the planet and its riches for future generations. It is not the first time that Wilders has lashed out at the queen's Christmas message: four years ago, he said her speech was "full of multi-culti nonsense" that directly criticised his party.

Other members of parliament agreed with the queen's message of concern for the environment and the planet we’ll leave to future generations. GreenLeft MP Liesbeth van Tongeren twittered, "Queen's Christmas message hit exactly the right note. There is more to life than just making loads of money."

Labour Party MPD Diederik Samsom twittered "the queen is letting everyone know what she thinks of 130-kilometres-per-hour-kill-off-the-environment. Entire Christmas message over environment and nature: lovely."

A tweet from one of the governing parties also approved of the green message from the House of Orange: "Christmas message Queen: call for sustainability, not just as a throwaway but main theme. Impressive," twittered Christian Democrat MP Marieke van der Werf.


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