Christian Union urges action against Syria

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The Christian Union CU wants Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal to get the European Union and the United Nations to work towards stopping the violence in Syria.

CU MP Joël Voordewind thinks the international community should make it clear that it will not tolerate violence by President Bashar al-Assad's regime against demonstrators.

"I am concerned about the massacre of Syrian civilians now that Assad had sent tanks into the city of Deraa. Up to now, there were only snipers, but since this morning heavy guns are being used against his own people," says Mr Voordewind.

On Sunday, Minister Rosenthal explained in political programme on public television that the situation in Syria is different to Libya. At present, NATO has secured a no-fly zone over Libya following a UN Security Council resolution. In Syria, the regime is still in control of the country. The political situation is also different as the country has close relations with Iran and Lebanon.

However, the minister does agree that as much international pressure as possible should be put on Damascus. He wants European aid to the tune of 130 million euros to be frozen.

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