Christian Democrat MPs could block new Dutch government

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It's still not certain that the Netherlands will get a right-wing minority government relying on parliamentary support from Geert Wilders’ anti-Islamic Freedom Party PVV.

This is despite a coalition agreement between the conservative VVD, the Christian Democrats CDA and the PVV. After meeting for 15 hours, late into last night, CDA leader Maxime Verhagen was still unable to convinvce his party's MPs to back the planned coalition unanimously.

They decided to leave the final decision on whether to back the coalition agreement to their party congress taking place on Saturday in Arnhem. Over 2,000 CDA members have already registered to take part in the congress.

Dissidents Mr Verhagen said the meeting of CDA MPs had unanimously agreed to put the VVD-CDA-PVV coalition accord to Saturday’s congress. He said an overwhelming majority of his MPs backed the accord. However, some ‘dissidents’ are still against working with the PVV in principle.

Mr Verhagen: “There are objections, but at the same time I’d like to stress that all 21 MPs will take the decision of congress very seriously into consideration”. The MPs will have to decide after the weekend whether or not they are going to back the potential new government.


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