Chemie-Pack managers not held responsible for fire

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Senior management at the Chemie-Pack plant in Moerdijk tried to prevent the cause of a huge fire in January being discussed. A court in Breda says this is clear from a statement made to the police and submitted by the Public Prosecutor's Office.

It added, however, that there were insufficient grounds to hold the company director, production leader and environmental coordinator responsible for the fire. The three had been arrested on suspicion of arson but were released the following day.

In his summing-up the judge confirmed that the fire started when, on what was a very cold day, a worker used a gas burner  to thaw out a pump near flammable materials. There had been suspicions that the company was storing and processing dangerous materials in violation of its environmental permits.

The huge chemical fire at the Chemie-Pack plant is estimated to have caused 41.5 million euros worth of damage.

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