Cheating valuation surveyors to be charged

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Four surveyors in Rotterdam who helped cheat house buyers of their money by providing false property assessments will be prosecuted.

ROTTERDAM – Four property valuation surveyors from the Rotterdam region are to be prosecuted for falsifying property assessments. The swindle meant that hundreds of people have paid too much for a house.

On Tuesday, the television programme NOVA showed how swindlers cheated hundreds of people. First, they invest in houses, rent them out for a year and then sell them for a profit based on false property assessments provided by valuation surveyors.

The unsuspecting purchasers only discovered later that they had paid far more for the properties than they were worth.

By bringing a case against the four, justice officials want to demonstrate that not only criminals, but also those who help them will also be prosecuted.

[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]

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