Caribbean career beckons for Dutch police

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Dutch police officers are falling over themselves to apply for a job on the sunny Caribbean island of Saint Martin. Daily newspaper AD reports that many hundreds of policemen and women have applied for 20 vacancies on the island open to personnel from the Netherlands.

Only around 50 applications were expected. Unable to cope with the flood of candidates, the police have decided to restrict screening to the first 500 applicants.

The vacancies have arisen due to a recent change in the status of Saint Martin. The part of the island that used to belong to the Netherlands Antilles recently opted to become a special municipality of the Netherlands. As a result, the police force will be scaled up from 189 to 389 by 2017. Most of the additional police officers will be recruited locally.

Maintaining law and order in a Caribbean island paradise may sound like a walk in the park, but the successful candidates may get more than they bargained for. AD quotes one policeman heading for Saint Martin as saying “the number of murders and armed robberies a month is high for a population of 30,000”.


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