Cabinet cuts aid to more countries

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Benin, Senegal and Moldova will next year stop receiving money from the Dutch government to balance their budgets. The cabinet is to decide shortly whether to cut aid to Burundi and Zambia, too.

Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal en Deputy Foreign Minister Ben Knapen announced the move in a letter to parliament. The cabinet had already decided to stop giving budget aid to Rwanda and Tanzania.

The move helps meet a target of 44 million euros in cuts in the total budget of 128 million euros for general budget aid. Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali en Mozambique will continue to receive budget aid. Senegal was to receive 9.5 million euros in aid, Benin 8,5 million euros and Moldova 2.4 million euros.

The two ministers explained their decision by saying they want the Netherlands to be a "reliable partner" and want the government to honour, whenever possible, existing agreements. The aid, they argue, will now go to the countries where it is used in the most effective way.  

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  • joe posted:

    on 14th December 2010, 10:58:48 - Reply

    and now who is to decide who is most effective? and do they refer to NGO's or governments...
    i guess they'll be looking for the least harmful snakepit...