CO2 storage meets resistance in Barendrecht

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Barendrecht wrings its hands on the potential impact of underground carbon monoxide storage on its community.

BARENDRECHT—The city of Barendrecht has rejected plans to store CO2 in an underground gas field. The mayor and city council members made their case against the project based on expert advice.

In Barendrecht and Geleen there’s been a test project underway to store carbon monoxide, or CO2 underground. Shell wants to store CO2 from the Port of Rotterdam in exhausted gas fields in Barendrecht. The GTI and DSM project in Geleen is underneath a deep layer of coal. Underground methods of storing carbon dioxide are already being used in other countries.

Environment Minister Jacqueline Cramer made 60 million euros available for the test projects at the end of last year. The method fits into the environmental goals of the Balkenende cabinet to reduce Greenhouse gases. The so-called capture and storage of CO2 is seen as a mid-stage solution on the way to cleaner energy use.

Barendrecht residents came out strongly against the project in mid-February. They expressed their concerns about gas leakage in the event something went wrong. They were also worried that their properties would loose value.

In a reaction to an environmental rapport submitted by Shell, the city questioned the reasoning behind choosing Barendrecht as the location for the trial. The health risk to the community was uncertain. Barenrechters also questioned the reliability of the technique for storing CO2.

The city council is scheduled to make a final decision on the project in June.

Radio Netherlands/ANP/Expatica

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  • AJH posted:

    on 5th March 2009, 10:50:36 - Reply

    CO2 = Carbon Dioxide
    CO = Carbon Monoxide

    If I was from Barendrecht, I'd be more worried about CO than CO2.