CDA loses another seat in polls

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The Christian democratic CDA has again lost a seat in pollster Maurice de Hond’s weekly opinion polls. If elections were held today, the Christian democrats would win 11 seats, compared to the 21 it currently holds in parliament.

This week’s poll showed only minor changes. The democrat party D66 gained one seat: 17 compared to its current 10. The Socialist Party loses one, and is now at 30 seats in the polls compared to 15 in parliament. Three small parties are now either just above or just below the electoral threshold: senior citizen’s party 50Plus, the Pirate Party and former Freedom Party MP Hero Brinkman’s DPKP.

The conservative VVD scored 28 seats in the polls currently number of seats 31, Labour Party 20 30 Freedom Party 23 24, the Green Left party 6 10 Christian Union 6 5, the orthodox party SGP 3 2 and finally the Animal Rights Party 3 2.

In his analysis of recent developments, Maurice De Hond writes that voters are becoming more and more entrenched in their political preferences. He argues that voters are growing increasingly distrustful of parties they would not vote for, making it less and less likely they might still chance their allegiance to another party.

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