CDA call for five million new parking spaces

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The Christian Democrats want five million extra parking places over the next 12 years in view of increasing vehicle usage.

2 July 2008

THE NETHERLANDS - The Christian Democrats (CDA) have called for the creation of five million extra parking places in the Netherlands over the coming 12 years.

They claim the new parking places are necessary because vehicle use is increasing. The party says the parking spots have to be wider in order to facilitate loading, especially for child safety seats, and better lit so that women feel safer.

The CDA adds that councils have a responsibility not only to create new parking spaces but also to be clear about what they do with the revenue generated by parking charges.

A recent investigation by the Netherlands' Environmental Assessment Agency says building underground parking facilities is absolutely necessary to maintain the quality of life in the Netherlands.

The investigators said traditional solutions such as on-street parking are inadequate and called for a radical departure from current thinking.

At the moment, all Dutch residents pay for parking facilities through council taxes but the researchers say the people who actually use the parking facilities should pay, not those without cars.

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