Busy week for Dutch lifeguards

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The association of Dutch lifeguards reports it’s been a busy week for its rescue teams stationed along the Dutch coast.

Lifeguards had to come to the rescue nearly 2,000 times last week, including in 26 life-threatening situations. Unfortunately, two people died despite the lifeguards’ best efforts. A spokesperson said it was unusual for so many serious accidents to occur in just one week. A 17-year-old German girl died in hospital in the resort town of Zandvoort after she and three other swimmers got into trouble. In Bergen aan Zee a German man got into difficulty while swimming 30 meters offshore and later died in hospital.  

In Bloemendaal, near Zandvoort, a boy was seriously injured when the screw of a passing motorboat hit his head. A woman in IJmuiden sustained burns when her beach cabin caught fire. And, inevitably, jellyfish caused a lot of problems. Hundreds of bathers were treated for jellyfish stings. Lifeguards also had to assist distraught parents in tracking down no less than 107 lost children.



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