Bullied Dutch gay couple take legal action

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Two homosexual men who fled their home in the Dutch town of Utrecht in June have said they are taking legal steps against the teenagers who persistently harrassed them. 

The gay couple's lawyer, Yehudi Moszkowicz, says they have suffered both material and immaterial damage, caused by judicial authorities' earlier refusal to produce the harrassing youths. Before moving to Amsterdam, the two had no choice but sell their Utrecht home below the market price, the lawyer claimed.

The couple is claiming 40,000 euros in damages, and the lawyer has demanded a court in the city of Arnhem to take action against the teenagers. The mayor of Utrecht, Aleid Wolfsen, said earlier this year that police could not arrest anybody as long as no witnesses came forward, or other evidence was supplied. MPs asked the justice minister to look into the matter, pointing out that the trouble was caused by teenagers of immigrant descent.

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