BorderKitchen welcomes Willy Vlautin: 29 April 2011

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BorderKitchen welcomes Willy Vlautin (frontman Richmond Fontaine), presenting the Dutch translation of his novel Lean on Pete.

In 2006, Willy Vlautin was off to a flying start as an author with his novel Motel Life. His new book Lean on Pete shows him at his best: writing about a grey, but at times heartwarming world. This ‘small American odyssee' will be released next week in a Dutch translation (as: De Ruwe Weg).

Lean on Pete tells the story of Charley Thompson, a 15-year-old boy too often having to depend on himself. His mother left when he was still very young and his father - though loving - is more often away than at home. After their move to Portland, Oregon, Charley and ends up at the local race track where everything has long lost its shine, and yet this is where Charley feels at home. He starts working for the questionable horse trainer Del and befriends one of his horses, Lean on Pete. But life takes a turn for the worse and Charley goes on the run. A long journey to Wyoming follows, searching for his father's sister - a loving aunt he remembers from happy childhood memories.

Besides being an author, Willy Vlautin is also frontman of the well known band Richmond Fontaine. The first version of Lean on Pete, as well as some songs on their latest album We Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River were written by Vlautin during a long-term recovery after a fall from his horse. To celebrate the publication of De Ruwe Weg, Vlautin will be interviewed at BorderKitchen (in English) by Jan Donkers (VPRO, NRC Handelsblad). He will also bring his guitar.

‘Lean on Pete is brilliant; I hated finishing it.' - Roddy Doyle in The Guardian

Location: Weimarstraat 36, The Hague.
Start: 20.00 hrs.

Tickets can be reserved during office hours for € 5 by calling 070-3462355 or sending an e-mail to

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De ruwe weg is published by  Nijgh & Van Ditmar

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