Billions spent on aid and security in Afghanistan

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The Dutch government has contributed more than 2.1 billion euros to development and security in Afghanistan since the overthrow of the Taliban in 2002.

The Dutch military presence has taken the lion's share of the funding but the Hague has spent more than 620 million euros on various aid projects in the Central Asian country.

The Dutch Foreign Ministry has earmarked a further 169 million euros for development programmes over the coming four years, bringing Dutch contributions to Afghanistan to 2.3 billion euros by 2014.

The Dutch mission to Afghanistan, as part of the International Security and Stabilisation Force ISAF, ends on Sunday after four years, mainly in Uruzgan province.

The Dutch aid money funded a wide variety of projects, including local government reforms, schools, hospitals, roads and water and agricultural projects. Over the coming four years, aid will chiefly go to funding agricultural projects and programmes aimed at developing rural communities.


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