Beware of fake police officers on E411 motorway

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Belgian authorities warn of fake police officers who stop drivers on the Brussels–Luxembourg motorway and force them to hand over their money.

Brussels – Belgian authorities have issued a notice warning Dutch drivers to be on the lookout for fake police officers on the E411, the motorway from Brussels to Luxembourg.

The fake police officers would stop the cars and tell the drivers to follow them off the motorway. Upon being led away from the motorway, the drivers and passengers would be forced to hand over their money.

Three elderly couples, who withdrew money from banks in Luxembourg have already been robbed of a total of EUR 100,000.

Belgian authorities suspect there may have been more victims who do not dare to report the theft because the origin of their money is questionable.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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  • Sam Spade posted:

    on 30th December 2012, 10:58:59 - Reply

    Why you didn't ask them to "escort" you at the closer police station, you driving your car and they driving their car behind you?
    Why you didn't took your cellphone and dial 112 asking them is a Renaul Blue color having plate BLABLABLA did stop you and ask if it was a legit car?
    Have you asked them to provide an identification card to prove they were Policeman?


    They were in uniform and/or they show you a badge proving they were real Police and you was really driving fast???
  • Frank from Germany posted:

    on 17th July 2009, 17:22:25 - Reply

    I also have been robbed four years ago, on my way from Duesseldorf, Roermond into Belgium, direction Antwerpen. Soon after the boarder, a blue Renault followed me, and pushed me almost, while I was passing a car. So I went faster, to let that blue Renault pass by me, and than they stopped me with a red light, and I had to follow them to the near by parking place. There they said, they were police, I had to leave my hand on the stearing wheel, checking my papers, and telling me that I had goon 20 kmh too fast, that would cost me 350 Euros. Because they did not take a credit card or a cheque, they said, that I had to pay, or leave the car there, and pay 1000 Euros next week, it would be less expensive to pay right away. They would offer a special service and drive me to the next ATM. So I locked my car there at that parking spot, and to get into the back of that car, and they drove first into the wrong direction of that Autobahn, and wheeled that to that next exit, and drove like mad into the next village, where they let me out of that car, and get the cash. There were tourists right there, but I did not hesitate to ask them what to do, because I wanted my car and my papers back. So got back into the car, wehre they first counted the cash, and drove me back to my car, going very fast again. I asked them, why the police would be driving that fast, and they said, they had lots of work to do, and business was going good for the goverment. I always thought that this event was strange and funny at the same time, but you hear a lot of wild stuff about the Belgian police enforcement, but after reading this, I think that I was also robbed.